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Thousands of agencies trust CARFAX to assist investigators, records and traffic personnel. Our exclusive tools are powered by over 26 billion records from thousands of public and private sector sources.

Introducing Driver Exchange
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Clear accidents faster using this new CARFAX tool. Driver Exchange allows officers to collect and distribute driver information quickly and easily at the scene of the accident. It can also be used to document and manage labor-intensive non-reportable accidents.

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Find Vehicles of Interest

Get unlimited investigative access to CARFAX Vehicle History Reports, Partial License Plate Search, VIN Alert and more.


Improve Records Efficiency

Make your crash reports available online 24/7. Plus, we’ll handle your bulk reports requests so you don’t have to.


Write Crash Reports

The new CARFAX eCrash is rolling out across the U.S., streamlining your traffic officers’ workflow.


Protect Your Citizens

Your accident information helps citizens in your area purchase safer vehicles when they have access to more transparent vehicle history.

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Success Stories

Discover how we’ve assisted agencies in solving a wide variety of violent and property crimes. Vehicles are involved in the commission of 75% of crimes. We can help any time you have a VIN of interest.

VIN Alert

Fairfax County Police teamed up with the FBI, NICB, and Carfax to recover stolen vehicles worth over $300,000.

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Partial License Plate Search

The City of Reading Police Department recovered five high end vehicles worth $253,400 in just 30 days.

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Vehicle History Report

The Oxnard Police Department was able to tie a chop shop operation back to a vehicle reported as stolen.

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VIN Alert

Maryland agencies use VIN Alert to recover over $1,000,000 in stolen assets.

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VIN Alert

Maryland agencies use VIN Alert to recover over $1,000,000 in stolen assets.

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