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More than 75% of crimes committed* and 67% of abductions** involve a vehicle.

Solutions Agency Leaders
Agency Leaders
  • Data-Driven Approach
  • Clear the road quicker
  • Build Better Community Connections

Agency Leaders: Do More with Less. Prevent and Solve Crime.

With no cost access to the world's largest accident history database - comprising 27 billion records with nearly five million new records added every single day - CARFAX for Police partners with law enforcement agencies to deliver unique insights and informed solutions that solve crime, keep communities and professionals safe, and save time and money.

“If it involves a car and a crime, the CARFAX tools tend to be useful to us in our investigations.”

Deputy Chief Michael O'Connor
Atlanta Police Department, GA
Atlanta Police Department, GA

The International Association of Chiefs of Police identified the following
as top challenges facing law enforcement agency leaders today:

Data -driven approaches to crime and traffic safety

Community-police engagement

Crime prevention programs through enhanced crime-detection strategies

Quick clearance of roadway incidents using traffic incident management practices

Join the Network. 5,000 Strong

Nearly 5,000 crime-fighting, data-sharing agency partner organizations across North America trust and rely on CARFAX for Police to solve crime. The number one reason agency leaders partner with CARFAX for Police is simple: free access to a full suite of Investigative Tools and Solutions in exchange for agency-provided accident data. The result? Safer communities, citizens and officers.

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Data Driven Approaches

Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety

Prevent and solve violent crime, narcotics, personal, property, auto, hit and run, drug and human trafficking, missing persons and other regional priorities. For free. Investigators, analysts, accident reconstructionists and patrol officers alike trust and rely on CARFAX for Police proprietary accident data. Interested in learning more?

“It’s an instrumental database that we use hundreds of times a day.

Our experience has been that when the CAR FOX says there’s a problem, he’s 100% correct: there’s a problem. Now, it may not be criminal in nature. It may not be something fraudulent. But if there’s a problem, we’ve found it to be 100% correct.”

Corporal Nate Bradley
Missouri State Highway Patrol
Missouri State Highway Patrol

Clear the road quicker and prevent secondary collisions

Roadside crashes place officers and citizens at risk. With Driver Exchange (link to DeX), traffic and patrol officers clear the road in up to 30 minutes less at each crash site. Officers simply scan, send and share driver information right from the scene of the accident using the CARFAX for Police mobile app. Citizens have immediate access to information they need to start an insurance claim, and using the tool gets officers and citizens off the road in half the time while saving up to 30 minutes of office time for each report. Focus on what matters most: keeping your officers and your community safe. More from the Front Lines.

Improve Citizen-Officer Relations. Build Better Community Connections

Building better relationships with citizens has never been more essential to agency leaders. CARFAX for Police powers your agency's mission to protect and serve with a full suite of investigative, traffic and records solutions that:

Address citizens’ demands for safer communities

Solve crimes fast and prevent further commission of crime

Improve citizen customer service and quality of officer-citizen interactions

Reduce risk of secondary collisions

Streamline and automate agency operations

Stay safe during COVID and keep the records counter open online

“As an organization founded on the principles of improving law enforcement-citizen relationships, we not only appreciate our partnership with CARFAX for Police, but we share a core value set: a desire to make public safety services better.

Working side-by-side, we look forward to expanding our collaborative footprints that build safer, stronger communities and continue to build trust between the police and the communities they serve.

Chief Michael Ishii
Hawthorne Police Department, CA
Hawthorne Police Department

Why CARFAX for Police? Shared Values. Shared Mission.

Do More with Less with Our Records Solutions

Agency leaders seek efficiencies to achieve competing priorities. Doing more with less in order to protect and serve your community requires laser focus on operational efficiencies and bottom line savings. CARFAX for Police Records Solutions enable agencies to streamline administrative work, generate agency revenue, and mitigate risk of loss at the records counter.

Full dashboard access for agency leaders enables you to track revenue earned.

No Cost to your Agency

Off-Set Costs

  • No cost access to CARFAX Vehicle History Report valued at up to $39 per report
  • 80+ free trainings each year
  • Your records staff never has to fulfill an accident report request again
  • All of these solutions are provided at no cost to your agency, in exchange for your accident data

Save Costs

  • Reduce costs of office supplies, paper and postage
  • No money exchanges hands at the counter – deposit one check each month
  • Reduce risk of loss at the records counter

Time Saved, Money Earned

  • Accident reports are the number one requested report at the records counter
  • Set your price-per-accident report, we sell them for you, and you collect the revenue
  • Mitigate risk of loss: no money changes hands at the counter

“Anybody in records management will tell you that the most sought-after police record is your accident report.

Insurance mailers come piling in, people calling non-stop for the accident report. They want to get it as fast as they can get it, and CARFAX for Police is the fastest way that I can think of. It keeps our people at their desk doing what they need to do instead of getting up every five minutes to answer an accident report request. It’s a real time-saver for us.

Lieutenant Anthony Drago
White Plains Police Department, NY

Free Trainings and Events Deliver Certification Hours

During COVID shut-downs, in-person trainings are few and far between. CARFAX for Police Training and Certification Program delivers fresh, innovative content - on-line - to officers and civilian staff. Easy access to more than 80 free trainings and events per year on a wide range of investigative and operations management content keep your staff front-line ready

Agency Advisory Board

The CARFAX for Police story is rooted deeply in understanding what matters most to law enforcement. Our shared values and shared mission with front-line officers and executive agency leaders ensure our tools and solutions address the most pressing challenges your agencies face each day.

Our Agency Executive Advisory Board leaders hail from across the United States and Canada and provide CARFAX for Police with front-line, real-time feedback that drives, informs and prioritizes our every product and strategic initiative.

Chief Scott Edson

Chief Scott Edson

Executive Director – Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System

Chief Edson is a distinguished leader in the fields of public safety technology and communications. He has led the LA-RICS since early 2017 when he retired from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department after serving for more than 39 years with the LASD.

Chief Erin F. Schaible

Chief Erin F. Schaible

Chief of Police – City of Fairfax, VA Police Department

Colonel Erin F. Schaible was appointed earlier this year to serve as the Chief of Police for the City of Fairfax, VA. She now heads a police force with 66 sworn officers and 29 civilian employees. Prior to becoming the Chief for Fairfax City, Chief Schaible had a 28-year career with Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD), where she rose from Patrol Officer to Deputy Chief of the 32nd largest police department in the country.

Superintendent Scott Baptist

Superintendent Scott Baptist

District Commander, Superintendent – Toronto Police Service

Scott Baptist has served the Toronto Police Service for more than 32 years. In his current position as District Commander of Traffic Operations, Superintendent Baptist leads over 700 police officers and civilian staff in the provision of a wide range of specialized traffic policing services to an urban population of approximately 3 million. 

Chief John Fisher

Chief John Fisher

Chief of Police – Carlisle, MA Police Department

John Fisher currently serves as the Chief of Police of the Carlisle (MA) Police Department. He is also on the Executive Board of the Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC). NEMLEC has 61 member cities and towns where each jurisdiction commits 10% of their assets to the organization. Chief Fisher currently serves as a Control Chief for the SWAT and Regional Response Teams for the NEMLEC region, which serves over 1.7 million residents.

Chief Michael Ishii

Chief Michael Ishii

Chief of Police – Hawthorne, CA Police Department

Chief Michael Ishii was appointed as the Hawthorne Interim Police Chief in October 2018, and selected as the Chief of Police in January 2019. Chief Ishii has been with the Hawthorne Police Department since1990, first as a  Reserve Officer and as a full-time officer in 1992. He was promoted to Captain in 2010. Chief Ishii helped create the national “Coffee with a Cop” program which has become one of the most successful community policing programs, with event sheld in all 50 States, 16 countries, and in four languages.

Deputy Chief Michael O'Connor

Deputy Chief Michael O'Connor

Deputy Chief– Atlanta, GA Police Department

Michael O'Connor currently serves as the Deputy Chief over the Contingency Operations Division Department for the city of Atlanta. The division is responsible for planning major events, responding to demonstrations, and overseeing the communication section. He has more than 24 years of service with the Atlanta Police Department (APD).

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Nearly 5,000 crime-fighting, data-sharing agency partner organizations across North America trust and rely on CARFAX for Police to solve crime. All of this is provided - at no cost to your agency - in exchange for your agency-provided data.

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* * Source: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. "Analysis of Attempted Abduction Trends Data Collected: January 1, 2005 through December 31, 2020."

* * * Source: IACP Adopted 2020 Resolutions