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Your Agency-Provided Data Powers the Network

Partnering with CARFAX for Police powers more than your agency's investigations. Your agency-provided data powers an interoperable network of nearly 5,000 crime-fighting partner agencies and organizations.

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It’s an instrumental database that we use hundreds of times a day.

Our experience has been that when the CARFOX says there’s a problem, he’s 100% correct: there’s a problem. Now, it may not be criminal in nature. It may not be something fraudulent. But if there’s a problem, we’ve found it to be 100% correct.”

Corporal Nate Bradley
Missouri State Highway Patrol
Missouri State Highway Patrol

Interoperable data sharing partners

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Rocky Mountain Info Network

Collaborate. Connect. Solve Crimes Faster

Your agency-provided data can make a difference immediately to

Reuniting a Family

Reuniting a Family

Prevent Crime

Preventing Crime

Solving a Cold Case

Solving a Cold Case

Minutes Matter

Time is of the essence when sharing accident data.


Of crimes involve a vehicle


Of Abductions involve a vehicle

The quicker your agency shares an accident report, the more quickly the law enforcement-only community can solve crimes.

“If it involves a car and a crime, the CARFAX tools tend to be useful to us in our investigations.”

Deputy Chief Michael O'Connor
Atlanta Police Department, GA
Atlanta Police Department, GA

From the Field: Investigative Tools Success Stories

From the Field: Investigative Tools Success Stories

Interested in hearing our investigative tools success stories from fellow law enforcement? Request access to view or attend one of our trainings.

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