Records & Clerical Personnel

One small act makes all the difference in solving crime.

Your agency data powers investigations.

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Records & Clerical Personnel
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Records managers play one of the most critical roles in solving crime in the community.

Sharing agency accident reports – as quickly as possible – powers investigations.

One simple act.

Sharing your agency’s accident reports – powers the CARFAX Vehicle History Report, the world’s largest vehicle history database with more than 27 billion vehicle records. If a car has been in an accident, consumers can make informed buying decisions that could save a life.

Why is this important to you?

Your agency, and nearly 5,000 agencies and organizations – like National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – use CARFAX for Police investigative tools to reunite families, prevent crimes and solve cold cases. Sharing your agency’s accident reports is what makes this possible!


Of crimes involve a vehicle


Of abductions involve a vehicle

CARFAX for Police Investigative Tools use unique data from the CARFAX Vehicle History Report to provide critical insight into vehicles and the people associated with them.

Your agency’s data powers the investigative tools to help agencies solve crime faster.

Mission Critical: Records Managers Help Solve Crime

Bulk Report Requests


The most sought after record is your accident report.


It takes a lot of time to fulfill these report requests.


You never have to fulfill another accident report request again.

CARFAX for Police has you covered with QuickCounter:

Corporate and third-party bulk accident report request fulfillment

Citizen access to accident reports directly from your website

No more phone calls, copying, or paper files

QuickCounter Left

Your agency's Records Management Dashboard is an intuitive, user-friendly experience that saves you some serious time.

Video testimonial by Sergent Jody Hersh
Atlantic City Police Department

Why CARFAX for Police? Shared Values. Shared Mission.

Records Management Solutions

Save time, reduce costs and generate agency revenue.

Your Agency's One-Stop to Fulfill Accident Report Requests

Let CARFAX for Police Do It FOR You


QuickCounter is your agency's one stop fulfillment shop for all your agency's accident report requests. Provide your citizens with easy access to accident reports straight from your website by downloading Direct Link.

Your agency sets the report pricing and keeps all the revenue. No convenience fees for you or your citizens. It's that simple.

Track all reports sold, revenue earned, and your agency's use of the Investigative Tools.

QuickCounter can cut your workload from nine steps to three:

QuickCounter Workload Diagram

"It keeps our people doing what they need to do instead of getting up every five minutes to answer an accident report request. It's a real time-saver for us."

Lieutenant Anthony Drago
White Plains Police Department

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Nearly 5,000 crime-fighting, data-sharing agency partner organizations across North America trust and rely on CARFAX for Police to solve crime. All of this is provided - at no cost to your agency - in exchange for your agency-provided data.

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