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75% of crimes committed and 67% of abductions involve a vehicle.

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Investigative Tools
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  • VIN Alert
  • Partial Plate Search
  • High Mileage Alerts
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Prevent and Solve Crimes

With CARFAX for Police Investigative Tools, your agency can prevent and solve:

Violent Crimes

Narcotic Crimes

Personal Crimes

Property Crimes

Automobile Crimes

Hit & Runs

Missing Persons

Drug & Human Trafficking

Investigative Tools

View Vehicle History

We power your investigators, analysts, and patrol officers with the world's largest vehicle history database – the CARFAX Vehicle History Report (VHR). The VHR is valued at up to $39 per report, but partner agencies have unlimited access at no cost to your agency.

VHRs provide information on all service dates, accidents, mileage, and location across the United States and Canada. Use a CARFAX VHR to solve hit and run, odometer fraud, robbery, homicide, missing persons, VIN cloning, major theft, drug trafficking, and crime involving vehicles.

VIN Alert

VIN Alert

Set an alert for a VIN of interest and we’ll send you an instant notification when we obtain new information on the vehicle. We obtain new information on the vehicle, you receive an instant notification.

Adding a VIN Alert is quick and easy. Simply click the "VIN Alert" button at the top of each VHR on your desktop or mobile app. View your VIN Alerts to see if other agencies are tracking the same vehicle to collaborate on an investigation.

Partial Plate

Partial License Plate Search

Upgrade your license investigations by inputting at least three digits and the state/province and let us do the work for you. We know you might not always have three consecutive license plate characters, so now you can complete the search by digit placement and position.

High Milage Alerts

High Mileage Alerts

Identify vehicles that could have altered or fraudulent VINs. Assist investigators in identifying incorrectly documented VIN's in their system. This tool is especially valuable for auto theft and financial crime units in theft and finance fraud investigations.

"Favorite" vehicles to easily access at a later date or export the results for further sorting and analysis in Excel.

Crash Report Center

Crash Report Center

Nationwide access to our database of accident reports to identify persons and vehicles of interest. You can search by plate, VIN or name.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Get the power of CARFAX for Police in the field where you need it most. Scan or enter VINs or state and license plate information and view Vehicle History Reports right on your phone.

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