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Clear the road in half the time. Reduce secondary collisions. Save up to 30 minutes at each crash site, and up to 30 minutes processing each record.

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Traffic Tools
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Exchange Driver Information at the Scene of the Accident

Driver Exchange is changing the way officers collect and distribute driver information at reportable and non-reportable accidents. This digital solution will help you clear accidents faster and give your citizens instant access to the information they need to resolve their accident.

Mobile Tools

Instantly share driver information with CARFAX DeX

Quickly collect driver or vehicle information at the scene of an accident by scanning a VIN barcode, driver’s license, or vehicle registration with your phone. Information auto-populates in the accident report for fast and easy data collection.


Write Crash Reports with CARFAX eCrash

Agencies of all sizes can save time by creating and managing crash reports using existing mobile devices and an easy-to-use, cloud-based web interface. It’s available at no cost, and no technical expertise is required.

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