Traffic & Patrol Officers

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Streamline the crash scene. Deliver better citizen service.

Solutions Traffic and Patrol Officers
Traffic & Patrol Officers
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Traffic and Patrol

Traffic and Patrol

Clear the road in half the time. Reduce secondary collisions. Save up to 30 minutes at each crash site, and up to 30 minutes processing each record.

Data-Driven Approaches to Traffic Safety

Citizens demand safer communities. Improve citizen customer service and quality of officer-citizen interactions during times of crisis by eliminated messy, handwritten forms and save on paper and printer costs. Interested?

From the Front Lines: Officer Jeff Mayers
Loveland Police Department
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Instantly Share Driver Information with CARFAX Driver Exchange

Roadside crashes place officers and citizens at risk. With Driver Exchange, traffic and patrol officers clear the road in up to 30 minutes less at each crash site.

Officers simply scan, send and share driver information right from the scene of the accident using the CARFAX for Police mobile app. Citizens have immediate access to information they need to start an insurance claim, and using the tool gets officers and citizens off the road in half the time while saving up to 30 minutes of office time for each report. Focus on what matters most: keeping your officers and your community safe.



Need a more robust accident report completed? eCrash is available in select states with the same scan and auto-fill capabilities as Driver Exchange.

Complete all necessary information at the scene and continue documenting from the office. We maintain an audit trail of all revisions made to accident reports.

Once reports are approved by a supervisor, they are automatically uploaded to CRASHDOCS.ORG for citizens to purchase from the comfort of their homes.

We have eliminated our office time by at least 30 minutes and are just going in to double check everything.

We especially love the mobile app scanners. Driver Exchange has been incredibly valuable to our agency."

Chief Ben Sutcliffe
South Annville Township Police Department, Pennsylvania
South Annville Township Police Department

Improve Citizen-Officer Relations. Build Better Community Connections.

Building better relationships with citizens has never been more essential to agency leaders. CARFAX for Police powers your agency's mission to protect and serve with a full suite of investigative, traffic and records solutions that address citizens’ demands for safer communities, reduce risk of secondary collisions and streamline and automate agency operations.

From the Front Lines: Sergeant Thomas McTague
Kingston Borough Police Department

Join the Network. 5,000 Strong.

Data-sharing agency partner organizations across North America trust and rely on CARFAX for Police to solve crime. All of this is provided - at no cost to your agency - in exchange for your agency-provided data.

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